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How to Stay Sane Through the Year’s End with Mind/Body Practice

Last month, we covered how to release and replace the holiday stress that tends to creep up on us during the winter months. As were now less than a few weeks away from welcoming in the new year, it can be tough staying calm and collected with both our minds and bodies. In order to keep our good attitudes rolling until the end of 2016, here are a few tips to consider.

Get Some Rest and Wake Up Refreshed

The key to balancing both your mind and body is to get more rest at night and rise earlier in the day. Try getting yourself to bed 30 minutes earlier than you normally do and waking up 30 minutes earlier as well. This will allow you to calm yourself at night and get better sleep during the darker hours, as well as refresh you in the morning as you wake earlier to savor a few moments of your own.

Show Gratitude to Those Around You

When you take the time to pour out your gratitude, youll find yourself feeling more thankful and at peace during your days. Find moments to thank those around you, whether its a grocery store clerk, your personal assistant, your spouse, or even your mail carrier! These small acts will spread joy and lift your spirit on a daily basis.

Commit to Exercise

Your body needs and craves daily exercise, especially if youre feeling mentally strung out. Even if its only for 30 minutes a day, commit to an exercise routine that will help balance your mind with your body. Running or taking a brisk walk can create a refreshing restart during the day. Practicing yoga or attending Pilates classes can help you to release both your physical and mental tension.

Accept What You Can’t Change

The new year is perfect for making personal changes but its also healthy to accept what you ultimately cant change. Whether you its a friendship, a work dilemma, family trouble, or financial worry, put aside problems that you cant control and that extend beyond your reach. Accepting what you cant change will give you the freedom to change what you can.

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