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Individual Career Coach

Together we will assess your current situation by starting out with a discovery session. From there, you will receive an online platform where all your customized and personalized information and homework will be. During each follow up session we will continue to discuss goals.

Please note that you will be billed per phone/video/live session but quick questions and email support are included in this price.

During Coaching Sessions we will work to create a career action plan based on your unique personality and life goals by:

  • Maximizing your strengths and skills
  • Identifying and working through any challenges
  • Establishing career paths based on your core values and attributes
  • Creating a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn to communicate who you are and where you want to go
  • Navigating job searches and practicing interview tactics
  • Finding a job, company, and professional lifestyle that aligns with you
  • Finding next steps after an absence from workplace or re-entering workforce
  • Setting goals and establishing ways to keep you accountable and motivated
  • Boosting your confidence
  • Opening your eyes to out-of-the box opportunities and resources based on your aspirations
  • Navigating the overall change so that it is less overwhelming
  • Mindfulness strategies to assist with confidence, stress and perspective
  • Promotion strategies
  • Coaching for sticky situations at your current job

Flexible Prices

One Hour Coaching Session


One Hour Coaching Session
  • 1 Hour Coaching Session
  • Must be used for first session
  • No expiration
  • May be used in person or virtually (phone/video chat)
Follow Up Sessions


30 Minute Coaching Session
  • 30 minutes of Follow Up Sessions
  • Must have completed initial consultation
  • No expiration
  • May be used in person or virtually (phone/video chat)
Discount Package


Discount Package: 4 Hours

15% Discount Package 4 Hours of Coaching:

  • May be broken down in either 60 minute or 30 minute increments
  • No expiration
  • May be used in person or virtually (phone or video chat)
  • Will be used like a punch card per session used
Coaching Gift Card

Know someone who could benefit from Coaching Services? Gift them some sessions or programs to get them on their way!

No expiration and can be transferable. 

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