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Release and Replace Holiday Stress

The holiday season can be an exciting time full of family gatherings and old traditions, but it’s also a trigger for negative emotions and stress within relationships. Between taking charge of planning holiday events, shopping, decorating, and baking, anxiety and depression commonly take a toll on most people during the holidays.

It’s important to remember that holiday stress is all in your head. The best remedy for fighting the holiday blues is to release your frustrations and replace them with a healthy mindset! Here are a few simple ways to do that.

Make a manageable plan

What’s the most important thing for you during the holiday season? Is it spending time with family you don’t get to see often, participating in holiday activities with your kids, or traveling to see friends that live far away? Whatever it looks like, make a manageable plan of what you want to spend your time doing. Set clear expectations and stick to participating in things that you value during the holidays. Visualizing what’s important to you will help to declutter your mind and focus on what matters most.

Learn to say no

There are countless errands, events, and checklists to get through during the holidays. Whether it’s cookie swaps, holiday parties, holiday concerts, or family events, you can’t do it all and expect to not feel overwhlemed. Learn how to say no to extra things during the holiday season. Forgo the extravagant decorating or over-the-top baking sessions and replace that room in your schedule with time to breathe and be at peace. Saying no will give you the opportunity to enjoy the holidays one day at a time and be present within each activity.

Find time for yourself

This may seem impossible, but scheduling alone time during the holidays will exponentially save your mental health! Having time to yourself— even if it’s a small amount— with help you release tension and appreciate the magic of the season.Try spending just 15 minutes at the beginning and end of each day drinking hot tea or cocoa and reading a book, carve out a few hours during the week for a long bubble bath or a leisurely walk in the brisk outdoors. This will help to refresh and renew your mind and do wonders for your stress levels!

Take some time during the holidays to try out these different release rituals and watch yourself become more calm and present. Set your best intention for the holiday season and close out 2016 being the best version of yourself!


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