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Reaching Your Goals with C-H-A-N-G-E

Sitting down with a fresh piece of paper and setting new goals for yourself always feels empowering, right? You write down a new workout routine, a long-awaited project that needs to get finished (and more importantly, started!), a list of veggies and fruits to start eating, and soon, you’re feeling pretty good about this new progress you’re about to make. You think to yourself, “I can do this!” and stick the list up on the fridge where you can see it.

to-do-list-goalsA few days go by and you’re doing great! You’ve pretty much committed to the goals you’ve set, and you make some progress in changing your daily life. A week goes by, and you now find yourself struggling a little. Sure, you slacked on a few things, but at least you’re still thinking about change, right? A few weeks later and, ”I’m going to get around to it, eventually. I was really busy this week and I didn’t have the time.” And then suddenly, a month goes by, and you find yourself wondering, “What was I trying to change again?” You look at the neglected list of goals on the fridge, admit defeat, and crumble up the paper.

Setting new goals can start as positive motivation, but can end up being a negative and discouraging experience. We’ve all felt that sting of failure and guilt when our progress doesn’t match up with our neat written list. We tend to beat ourselves up when the change we crave so badly doesn’t happen. But instead of chalking it up to ‘Well, I guess I don’t do well in setting new goals’, maybe you need to consider that you’re simply not setting yourself up well to change. Having a little structure when setting goals goes a long way in achieving personal progress.


Let’s start reaching our goals in a more mindful way by using the word C-H-A-N-G-E:

Celebrate the victories – If you make any sort of progress when first setting your goals, celebrate! Reward yourself for sticking with a plan, it will help you stay positive and will keep moving you forward.

Have clear deadlines – Give yourself structure with the goals you set for yourself. When does this project realistically need to be finished by? How much progress should I be making every week? By setting clear deadlines in place, you set yourself up well for change.

Address challenges head-on – If your new goals aren’t sticking for you, ask yourself why? What roadblocks are in my way? Look into what isn’t working and try a different approach. If you’re not making progress with one plan, simply try another plan!

road-691124_1920_picmonkeyed-1024x1024No goal is too small – It’s always easier to make big changes in your life by setting small goals first. Tackling a large goal all at once will most likely leave you frustrated with your lack of progress. Start small and build yourself up.

Grab a partner – Accountability is key! Have a friend start the same new workout routine with you and talk to them about your progress. Share your diet goals and meal plans with them and tackle this healthy change together.

Encourage yourself – Believe that you can do it! Write yourself encouraging notes and reminders that you can make progress in changing your life. Knowing that you can achieve your goals will actually propel you to really reach them!


What kind of goals do you struggle reaching? Is there one goal that you’ve always wanted to reach, but aren’t able to? Message me and let’s get started on your personal progress together!

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