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Prioritizing with Intention

Finding time to accomplish everything on your to do list can seem daunting, believe me, I know! Spending time with loved ones, going to work, and running errands can leave you feeling like you need a few more hours in the day. If you can learn how to prioritize your daily tasks with intention though, it can help you accomplish more and leave you with time to spare! Below are some tips, tricks, and questions to ask yourself to help you start prioritizing with intention!

Spend some time each Sunday to map out your week.

Write down every appointment, after-school activity, or work related engagement you have going on. After you get your week mapped out, look for time that can be used as “me time,” whether that means taking a relaxing bath, reading your backlog of magazines, or meditating. Mapping out your week can help you see what’s happening before it happens.

Ask yourself: “What’s important to me?”

By asking yourself this simple question, you can determine what you should spend your time doing. If spending time with your family is important to you, keep doing it. If obsessively scrolling through Facebook or Instagram is taking up your family time but isn’t as important, stop doing it as much.

Work toward your goals.

If your goal is to become more active or exercise more, make sure you are incorporating physical activity into your schedule. Even if your goal is more short-term, like getting your house holiday ready, carve time out each day to help you accomplish this goal. Doing this will help you see results and ensure that you aren’t doing something just because.

Be Present.

This is an important one, trust me! Being present in all your tasks can help you really focus and get that task done. It also means time spent with your loved ones is quality time. If achieving this means hiding your phone when you’re supposed to be working toward a deadline or turning off the t.v. when asking your family how their days were, do it. Everyone will benefit in the long run!

Ask yourself: “Does this bring me happiness?”

Of course not every task itself is going to bring you happiness, but the outcome might! Cleaning out the litter box doesn’t make anyone happy (except maybe your kitty!), but having a fresh smelling house can make you happy. Does making your bed every morning bring tears of joy? Probably not, but maybe coming home to a picture-perfect bedroom does.

Practice Gratitude

Most wellness blogs and gurus are encouraging you to do this and with good reason! All you need to do is list a few things you’re grateful for each day. Some people like to do this right when they wake up while others like to practice gratitude before they get into bed. It doesn’t matter when you do it, as long as you do it. And don’t worry, it’s ok if your gratitudes are something as simple as not snoozing your alarm that morning or not getting stuck in rush hour traffic.

Learning how to prioritize with intention can take time and patience. It won’t happen over night, but incorporating the tips I’ve mentioned above can help immensely. Simply learning to prioritize things that bring you happiness will help you feel less like you need a few more hours in the day and more like you’re killing it!


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