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Navigating Life’s Transitions, Part I

Our lives are full of transitions and crossroads that we all must navigate through. Most of the time, these new shifts in life can bring a feeling of change in our personal identities. In this 2 part series I will discuss the life transitions that I’ve personally experienced or experienced with friends and family and how each life transition continues to shape life and legacy.

As women, it’s a general custom that we change our last name when we marry, which symbolizes that we’ve become part of a family unit. Personally, I knew that I wanted to change my last name long before I got married, but it was still a strange experience for me when it was actually happening and when I realized that I was entering into a completely different life phase. The simple act of changing my last name was, in a way, the start of me becoming a new woman. Even now, after 5 years of marriage, when I receive mail that’s still addressed to my maiden name, I can’t help but think about the woman, or part of my life- that once was.

The same realizations can be true about growing older in life. Through the years, I’ve watched my parents (and their friends) enter into retirement after long successful careers or by becoming empty nesters. It seems as though everyone dreams about retirement, right? Who wouldn’t want to have all the time in the world to do whatever their heart desires. But what most people don’t talk about is the large change in identity that starts to happen during this time. Everything you’ve once known, your area of expertise and accolades, your routine and schedule and your financial situation are drastically different. Sometimes many people are overwhelmed by the large amount of time they have on their hands and end up filling it with bad habits.

With the many transitions we have in life, it’s normal (and healthy) to grieve for the change we’ve gone through for a short time. But after that, it’s important to adopt a new perspective and think of your new transition as an opportunity to plan out the next phase of your life. Discover what’s important to you, offer yourself self care and move forward.


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