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Living By Core Values

As a life coach, the first question Im most often asked is, How is it actually possible to reach my dream career or personal goals in life?And although there are many different ways to answer that question, (depending on what each career or goal is) the first step to achieving personal success is always the same: define and start living by your core values.

Core values are what you hold important and find purpose in within your life. Each individual has their own unique values. These values define who you are and motivate you in all that you do, including work, parenting, decision making, and living out your daily life. Unfortunately, most of us dont take the time to realize what our core values really are, which can cause people to feel lost, out of control of their lives, or feel purposeless. Thats why its extremely important to identify what your core values are as soon as possible. This will help you to start living your life with clear direction!  

How to find your core values

Take some time to think about what you truly value in life and whats important to you. What do you value in terms of lifestyle, financial status, achievements, or family? Then, write down and define what these values mean to you and what youd like them to look like within your life. When youre done defining your core values, take action! Start carrying out your values in daily life, and stay committed to living with your core values in mind.

When you start defining and living by your core values, youll start to gain control of your life. Youll start feeling more confident, motivated, and self-aware. And when you establish what you want out of life, youll start to know when youre actually living your dream. Youll be able to feel gratitude and contentment with where youre at! Achieving a fulfilling career or a peaceful personal life is all dependent on sticking to your core values. So start defining and living by yours today.


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