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From Everyday Mom to Empty Nester

Happy Fall Equinox! The start of  a new season is a great time to write out intentions, declutter your space, or maybe meditate. For some of you though, any of these tasks might seem almost impossible, and that’s because you are experiencing the sadness of recently becoming an Empty Nester. Maybe your teen jetted off to college this past month or your recent college graduate found their perfect apartment and moved out. Whatever the case may be, when your child— whom you’ve been caring for since the moment you knew they existed— decide to leave, it can be devastating.

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It’s not uncommon to feel a sense of loss when your child moves out, after all you’ve most likely seen them every single day of their lives, cooked for them, and helped them with their homework and their problems. You’ve devoted your life to being a caretaker for your child, so it’s easy to feel lost when they leave. You might be wondering what to do with all your free time and energy and how to combat that feeling of loss. Here are some ways in which you can start to feel whole again after your child moves out.

Stay in Touch.

Sending a simple text that says, “Good Luck on your exam,” or “How was work /school today?” is an easy to keep in touch and let them know you’re still thinking about them. Plus checking in periodically like this can help combat any fears you may of them flying solo. When you do chat with them, make sure to listen to and support them; they are also going through a change, so keep that in mind.

Find New Purpose

If you were a stay-at-home mom the feeling of loneliness and loss could be heightened. A great way to feel better is finding a hobby or seeking new opportunities. Maybe you always wanted to learn how to sew or become a yoga or cycling instructor. You can now devote your free time to yourself.

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Accept Help

As a Mom, dealing with an Empty Nest is hard. The sadness can be all consuming, but with the help of my life coaching services we can assess your current life and where you want to go in the future. I can help you overcome this challenging time and assist you in the transition to your future. Together we will set goals and positive affirmations that will empower and strengthen you.

Being a Mom is hard, and no one warns you how hard it will be when you child moves out. But remember, you are not alone. So many moms and caretakers are feeling the exact same way you are. You can always seek help to learn how to cope with the loss and sadness. Contact Progression Partner today to start your journey to feel whole again.


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