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Career Change Fear: Let Go

I can recall several occasions where I have agonized over decisions that, in hindsight, seem like a no-brainer. I have had opportunities in my professional life present themselves that seem great and I sometimes still get suspicious and must analyze what the future will be if I take it. Can you relate? I have discovered I am not alone. In fact, the number one reason that my coaching clients feel stuck in their current job is because they are afraid of change; of the unknown. With much work and constant reminders, learning to let go of an outcome can save you a lot of time and stress. If you feel like you have been “stuck” in your career or job and it is passionless, here are some quick tips I have learned along the way that I have seen clients let go of fear and reach for the next great opportunity.

Letting go of the outcome. What if it won’t work out? Well, how will you know unless you will try? When we have families to depend on and financial ends to make, having a career change be a “success” seems to have high stakes. Let go of attachment to the outcome being wonderful and smooth. If you work hard, everything will work out. Some of our best life lessons are taught through our non-successes. It is also important to look at your current situation and ask yourself, what will happen if I don’t make a change? If anyone’s true happiness is a sacrifice, then that should be the higher stake.

Defining Success. Success is subjective and your definition of it may be holding you back. If having a lot of money or job title or award is a sign of success to you, sit back and look at what may sacrifice for that. Is it your time? Family? Stress or health? I believe that success should be measured by one’s health and happiness. Many of society’s “poorest” people are living the happiest simple lives that we may only dream of.

Don’t work just for the fruits of your labor. If you are currently working in a job and staying for great money; or a new opportunity pops up that is only appealing because of the flashy salary, be skeptical. Do the work because you enjoy the work and the fruits are a reward, not a necessity. Good things come to those who work hard and serve others. Some may even say that if you are taking a big salary, but not giving it your passion, it is a form of stealing.

Stop analyzing and meditate. Overthinking is exhausting and a waste of time. The truth lies within us. If you can meditate on your career and do some deep breathing to slow the mind down, the answer will come to you. Listen to your heart, go with your gut and it will lead your mind.

Non-action is an action. As Krishna reminds us, life is always changing and growing. If we don’t participate in this growth, that is an action in of itself. You are holding firm and not changing while everything else is. Change is always good, whether it’s with new responsibilities or a completely new industry. Perhaps an outside volunteer involvement or hobby could even do the trick.

The bigger picture. All choices we make are a part of the bigger picture for us. Only we can determine if they are “good” or “bad”. So just enjoy the journey. Don’t get caught up on what’s on the other side. Usually it’s a beautiful thing.

So many people feel stuck in their career and end up miserable in other areas of their life. So much of our time is spent at our job that it just isn’t worth it. Each of us has the power to change the script of our story right now. Let go of your fear and know you will succeed no matter what, even if the ride is a little messy along the way.

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