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Acknowledging Strengths and Celebrating Victories

It’s all too easy to beat ourselves up over our small and insignificant failures in life. Even as we experience accomplishment throughout our days, we still find something to poke at, scowl at, and feel bad about. We tend to discount or diminish our genuine victories both big and small, and end up reducing our celebrations to unhealthy and negative self-talk. For example, consider the following thoughts:


β€œThe party was great, but the cake didn’t come out right.”

“I wanted to lose 10 pounds, but I only lost 8.”

“Our date night went well, but the traffic was horrible.”

“I had so many good meetings, but I didn’t get to any of my emails today.”


Do any of these thoughts sound familiar to you? Do you struggle with finding contentment within your victories? Most of us can relate to always finding the negative side of things, even though we should be experiencing joy. When we create this kind of negative self-talk in our heads, we drain away all happiness and gratitude that our success should ultimately bring. Our lack of positivity actually takes away from our confidence and strength, and can leave us feeling defeated and discontent.

So how can we change the way we talk to ourselves? How do we stop unhealthy and negative self-talk? How do we redeem our celebrations instead of turning them into disappointment?

Simple. Stay focused on the positive.

Instead of trying to find the negative side of things, celebrate and savor the positive moments. Instead of beating yourself up and choosing to feel defeated, concentrate on your personal strengths and successes that can empower you. Instead of focusing again and again on what went wrong, reflect on what went right, and what you’ve accomplished and tackled. Say no to negative-self talk and say yes to positive thinking.

Saying no to negative self-talk will build up your confidence, improve your self esteem, and enable you to continue to power through challenges. You will start to acknowledge your strengths and accomplishments daily, knowing that you can do more instead of focusing on  your failures or things that didn’t work out. Find joy within your daily victories and celebrations, and choose to focus on the positive.


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