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Emily Marquis

Professional Coach

Hi, I’m Emily Marquis. We’ve all been through things in the past, now let’s plan how great your future can be.

Mission Statement

At Progression Partner it is my mission to coach and empower women through big and small career transitions by recognizing strengths, overcoming challenges, setting goals, positive affirmations, and acting with intention. Empowerment will be delivered personally, virtually, and in workshops to simplify change and bring a focus to self care.


Are you ready to take your career to the next level? I can help with that. My name is Emily Marquis and I am a certified Life & Career Coach specializing in helping women make career changes and achieve the perfect work-life balance. I offer customizable coaching sessions that will help you focus on and maximize your strengths, work through challenges, create meaningful career paths, set attainable goals, create a resume, navigate job searches, articulate you in interviews and much more.
I’ve experienced many life & career transformations over the years and have needed guidance on creating career goals myself, and because of that, I can personally relate to those I coach. After being in the Human Resource industry for over a decade, I realized I was struggling to find a healthy balance between work and family. It dawned on me that I needed to make a change. I decided to create Progression Partner, LLC so I could help women in similar situations.
The following certificates I have received help me be the best life coach I can:
  • Board Certified Coach- BCC
  • Circle of Life/ Health Action Certified Life Coach, 2011
  • IAWP
  • Certificate of Professional Life Coach
  • Certificate of Excellence in Life Coaching
  • Certificate of Life Coach Association
  • Certificate of Organization
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Professional in Human Resources
I live in Colorado with my family where I love spending outdoors and relaxing alone with a good book whenever that opportunity (rarely) arises.
I’ve helped many women determine their next career moves as well as helped them set and achieve their goals. Let me help you through any changes and challenges you are going through.
“Emily was instrumental in keeping me accountable to what I said I wanted to achieve. I told her my goals and she was that one person reminding me what I wanted and helped me stick to it by asking me how I would make the weekly goals, what was I going to do that week to make a step towards what I wanted. And she did it in a very supportive way! I really appreciated Emily’s holistic approach, that is what drew me to her in the first place and it was just what I needed to help me determine what my next career would be. I would recommend Emily to anyone who needs someone in their corner when looking at a new career! I could not have gotten this far without her!” -Dana W.
I am so grateful for your visit to the site!


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