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Learning from Emotional Reactions at Work

Since a child, I have had large emotional reactions for various reasons. I grew up...

Learning from Emotional Reactions at Work
Career Change Fear: Let Go

I can recall several occasions where I have agonized over decisions that, in hindsight, seem...

Career Change Fear: Let Go
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Coaching Needs

Navigating the Job Search

It is an understatement that searching for a job is overwhelming, never mind rejecting. Learns tips on how to successfully navigate through the job search both online and off. Clearly communicate to employers who you are and what you can do with your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Get comfortable once you get the interview through mock interview coaching.

Finding Clarity

You know you want a change, but are having trouble defining what that change is. Through coaching, I can help you get learn more about you, your strengths, skills, aspirations, core values and opportunities. It is important to take the time to make an intentional change instead of just taking any job or change that comes your way. I also believe that work and personal life happiness don’t have to be separate. In my coaching, we look at your life as a whole to determine moving forward.

Reentering the Workforce

Whether you took a break from your professional life for health, travel, care giving, layoff, etc; getting back into the career saddle is intimidating. Take time to find a company and job that aligns with your values and skills. Authentically communicate any employment breaks on paper and in person. There is a great opportunity out there waiting for everyone.

Overwhelmed: Finding Balance

Do you feel like you are juggling way too much and can’t keep up? Learn successful time and stress management skills inside and outside of your job. Slow down a bit and take charge of your schedule so you can make room for more things that bring you joy.


Progression Partner

“A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”– Eleanor Roosevelt


Who am I?

At Progression Partner, I, Emily Marquis, seek to do exactly this- helping women slip out of their restrictive shell. Since establishing Progression Partner in 2011,  my mission has always been very simple: provide online career and professional coaching for women all over the country. I am a certified life and online career coach with the expertise and experience to help women make small and big career transitions and strike a balance between work and personal life. I aim to do so by providing professional career coaching to enthusiastic women, who wish to make a name for themselves in today’s competitive world.

My journey as a professional in career coaching has never been easy. I have been through many career and life transformations over these years, with the lack of guidance pinching me at all times. Striking a balance between family and work has been one of the biggest challenges I faced as a woman. It soon dawned on me that making a change is only in my own hands. This pushed me to become an individual career coach and establish Progression Partner, LLC to help women stuck in a similar situation.

Career coaching will provide women the direction they require to create their desired reality. It’s common for women to be forked between options and get lost in utter confusion. This is where my online career programs can come to their rescue. My career programs are designed to provide guidance and direction in the most convenient way possible. I have made my career coaching women accessible from any part of the world so that no woman has to relinquish her dreams.

If you are a woman who’s looking to take your career to the next level, perhaps I can help you. I provide customizable online career and professional coaching sessions that will help you identify and increase your strengths. As a professional coach, my job is to help you overcome career-related challenges and carve a meaningful career path for yourself. Whether you are struggling with your resume, job search or interview preparation, I am there as a professional coach to help you at every stage of your professional journey.


What do I offer?

Through my women career coaching programs at Progression Partner, I seek to provide guidance and clarity to women who are searching for a job. I am an individual career coach who aims to help women to bring about a positive change in their lives by providing them the following services:

  •       Cover letter or resume coaching
  •       LinkedIn coaching
  •       Interviewing skills
  •       Confidence boosting sessions
  •       Job search strategy/navigation
  •       Mindfulness tips & techniques
  •       Career coaching/advice for situations at your job
  •       Group workshops and retreats
  •       Professional career coaching
  •       Clarity in your next step
  •       Online career programs
  •       Job offer negotiation coaching


What makes Progression Partner different?

My career programs (individual and group programs) follow a mindful approach to empowering women and getting them in touch with their core values and strengths. I believe in being gentle and relatable in my approach so that I am able to address unique needs of different women. Progression Partner focuses immensely on accountability, value creation, and expertise so that my clients are able to accomplish their career goals in a cost-effective manner. My years of experience in human resource, recruitment, career programs, and life coaching gives me a wholesome knowledge of the personal and corporate world.

If you are looking for guidance to make a major career transition, don’t worry, I can help you with my online career and professional coaching for women. Whether it’s a new career that you wish to pursue or boost your self-confidence or master the art of communication, my women career coaching programs will empower you in the best possible way. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with me today!